I have a question (maybe more than one) and hope someone on here can help.

My husband owns his grandparents' old house in northeast Georgia. We want to fix it up so it can be rented. Tearing it down is not something he'd even consider (since it was his grandparents' house & he inherited it from his father when he passed away). The main part of the house has thick (about 2 feet thick) stone walls, while the back of the house was a wood porch that has been enclosed to give a little more living space. We know that the plumbing & electrical will need to be replaced & we're also planning to put in new wallboard since the walls are kinda wacky in places.

My question is this: who should we hire to go in & tell us what all else needs to be replaced or updated? And what would they charge? Also, could this person possibly give us a ballpark figure on how much all the updating will cost?

Thanks for any & all advice you have for us.