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    Default Bathroom fan venting thru attic

    I have seen quite a few posts about venting bathroom fans thru the attic and out the roof, but have not been able to find any specific instructions. Is a standard sguare roof vent used? What is the preferred method of attaching the 4" flexible duct material to a suitable connection forcing the moist air thru the vent and not leaking out into the attic? Is there a vent that already has a 4" connection on it that is used for this specific application?

    We currently have our fan venting thru the soffitt. I am amazed at how much I have read declaring this practice to be bad. The stores sell the soffitt vents, they must be safe to use right?

    Well, in any case, I intend to change the venting method this spring and am unsure how the connection is made.


    I did some internet searching and found that Home Depot stocks a kit made by Broan for roof venting a bathroom exhaust fan. I also called a local Roof Supply store and they sell it as well. I guess I could have done that first, but it is always interesting to try and get responses from others and see if any additional information comes out regarding tips for installation or preferred suppliers.

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