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    Default Professional Home Energy Audit

    Are there firms that can perform energy audits in all aspects of the home as in the Heating and Electrical systems or would I have to get independent contractors for each system.

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    Default Re: Professional Home Energy Audit

    There are energy auditors, and it is a good first step. You don't say where you live. I am in MA and can do an energy audit. Robert@Dr-Warm.com. Or contact BPI (Building Performance Institute). This organization certifies individuals who can do audits. Another possibility is to go to RESNET. This is a certifying organization for HERS raters. Home Energy Rating System, which is used to certify Energy Star homes.

    An audit will (or should) have a blower door test to determine the tightness of the house and find the leaks. A similar test can be done for the ducts. Under BPI protocol, the auditor will test for the safe operation of the heating equipment. This is NOT servicing of the equipment, which is done by the heating contractor. On the other hand, what the BPI auditor looks at most likely is not looked at by the heating contractor. Some audits will include an infrared scan.

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