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    Default Abandoned Water Heater

    My plumber is recommending that we leave an abandoned water heater behind a counter/cabinet in the kitchen. He was going to drain it and disconnect the electric to it and install a new one in the garage. I am a bit uneasy leaving an abandoned appliance like that. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Funny thing is the town code does not require it's removal.

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    Default Re: Abandoned Water Heater

    IMHO, there is no reason to leave an abandoned waterheater in place. Why waste the space when that closet could accommodate many other more useful purposes. Have the lines capped and the unit removed.
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    Default Re: Abandoned Water Heater

    I agree with A. Spruce.
    It doesnt make any sense to have 2 water heaters taking up space when only one of them works. Also, Im curious why your relocating the water heater to the garage,if you dont mind me asking.

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