I'm somewhat ashamed I don't understand electicity very well since I did major in EE for a few years in college - I guess that's why I switched majors.

Here's my dilemma:

I recently purchased my first home which was built around 1953 with an additional bedroom added-on at a later date (just my guess).

My house has a mix of two-prong and three-prong outlets. Using one of those nifty testers, I discovered that the three-prong outlets in the added-on bedroom/bathroom are correctly grounded as are the outlets in the kitchen. The other three-prong outlets are not properly grounded.

I would like to have properly grounded three-prong outlets throughout my house. What are my options?

I have heard you can replace with GFCI outlets but certain electrical appliances and surge protectors can trip the outlet and wont work. Is this true?

Also, what are the hazards of having the three prong outlets that are not grounded? Does this mean my surge protectors and computers, etc. are not protected from power surges and lighnting strikes?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!