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    Default Drawers won't stay closed

    The two middle drawers in built-in cabs under my kitchen counter keep sliding open after they're closed.

    The drawers above and below these two stay put when closed.

    The floor and counter are level, so it's not a gravity issue.

    Any ideas about how to stop them from sliding open after they're closed? Thanks...

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    Default Re: Drawers won't stay closed

    the only reason I can think of is the drawer sliders aren't level. The front of the slider is lower than the back.

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    Smile Re: Drawers won't stay closed

    I agree. The sliders are not level. This is usually an easy fix. Just remove them, and move them a little bit, even if they are higher in front, so gravity will help close them. Before you take them off, look to see if there are slotted holes where they are fastened. If so, just raise the front, and lower the back. I had the same problem, long ago. Mine did not have the slotted holes, so I had to remove them, make new holes, then refasten them.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Drawers won't stay closed

    The rollers could be worn out as well.
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