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    Default sow bugs infestation

    It seems like where ever i look i have about 10 rolly polly's. I have 3 kids playing in the yard, the youngest being 18 months so i dont want anything on the ground that will hard them, but i want to get rid of the sow bugs... they have already killed half of my yucca plants, and i dont want them eating my iris too.

    any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Default Re: sow bugs infestation

    Bonide snail, slug & sowbug bait will kill them. Put it under a board or overturned saucer your kids or other animals can get to it.

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    Smile Re: sow bugs infestation

    If you don't want to go the poison route (although the product mentioned above does work) you can generally make just about any creepy crawly leave your space by doing the following: Gather as many of the bugs in question as you can and put them in a container large enough that you can get something in there to crush them with. Crush the bugs as well as you can and then cover with water and let them sit for a day or two. Strain the bugs out and put the remaining liquid into a clean spray bottle and spray your plants with it. I guess the bugs don't like the smell of their own dead (duh)so they leave.

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