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    Default High Pitched Noise in Ducts

    We have a high-pitched noise coming out of our heating vents. I can not hear it, but my wife hears it clearly. It is a continuous high pitched whistle even when the heat is not on. I turned off all electrical power, water, and gas to the house and released pressure on the gas and water. The noise continued. I disconnected all smoke detectors and removed their batteries and the noise continued. Our HVAC guy hears the noise, but can not locate it. The heat pumps are 14 years old. The noise started this autumn and has continued for at least two months. Any ideas on how to locate this noise? Is there a noise detector/meter that might help? We really do not want to move. Help.

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    Default Re: High Pitched Noise in Ducts

    The only thing I can think of is if you have long duct runs and are using a Duct or Air Booster that has a motor that's on it's way out that could be it. But since you shut off all the power that may even rule that out as they are wired to come on when your Furnace or A/C starts, so if you don't have the Boosters the noise must be at the Air Handler. I know of nothing other than a stethoscope that could be used for finding your noise. Let us know what you find, got my curiosity up. Good Luck!!!

    Maybe a squirrel ?

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    Default Re: High Pitched Noise in Ducts

    I once had a similar noise that the customer thought was coming from the ductwork. It turned out to be the toilet water shut off in the tank. Sorry, I don't know what the plumbers call it.
    But you said that you shut off the water? Maybe your house has ghosts?

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