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    Default Re: Do I fire the drywall installer?

    Where did this jerk come from, and why is he even trying to do something he absolutely knows nothing about? Get rid of him, NOW. He gives a bad name to all drywall people.

    If you lived close to me, I would help demo his mess, then help you apply new drywall the correct way. On top of that, I would offer to help, free of charge, so you know what a decent job looks like. If Mike Holmes, from Holmes on Holmes saw this mess, he would totally remove EVERYTHING, and start from scratch.

    NO, 1/4 inch drywall should never be used for anything !!

    Good luck in finding someone who knows the correct way to do things. This jerk needs to be fired, Immediately !!

    Enjoy the Holidays.

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    Default Re: Do I fire the drywall installer?

    I think the OP needs to take a little responsibility in not finding people who were qualified to do the work and not checking any references, I assume. ( We are now in a vacuum of sorts to what the OP expected or how she figured out who would do the job.)

    People seem to complain when, “They get what they paid for.”

    Like my momma used to say, “Cheap is as cheap does.”

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