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    Question refacing a fireplace

    My fireplace is a large outdoor orange brick with deep joints and is quite ugly and dark. The brick is very rough. I would like some ideas on products to grout the existing brick, without refacing with tile, etc. Any ideas out there?

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    Default Re: refacing a fireplace

    If all you're trying to do is smooth up the mortar joints, you can just put more mortar in them. Buy a bonding agent, paint it on the joints, and then take a sponge and apply the mortar to the joints with it. Sponges are good for smoothing out the joints. You'll still see the joints but they won't be as deep.

    If you're trying to hide the joint altogether, you'll have to reface the brick with tiles or something, but you said you didn't want to do that. Go buy some mortar and see how that works for you.

    Good Luck.

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