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    Default Stone Floor Deck

    I want to build an elevated deck ( 4' above grade, not a grade level patio ) with a stone floor. The thought is to convert it to a screen porch at some later date. Has anyone? What are the problems, and the cost compared to the "usual".
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    Default Re: Stone Floor Deck

    There is a new product out there called StoneDeck. They are 16" square panels that weigh 15lbs each. They are natural stone; quartzite, slate, granite...and they have a composite backing that gives them support as well as providing a system for fatening to a standard wood deck frame; 16" on center. You simply build the sub-frame just like you are preparing to install wood deck boards, but you then screw down plastic joist plates that have a lip on them and then slide the stone deck panels into the joist plate for a tight fit. No grout needed as you will want the water to run-off from rain. Seal once a year to prolong life of the natural product. You can cut the stone deck with a tile saw to fit as needed. Check out StoneDeck on the web and you'll find what you need. Great new product!

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    Angry Re: Stone Floor Deck

    I am currently installing the StoneDeck product, but we are not happy with the product at this point. The tiles are very uneven and the color of the tiles are nothing like the pictures or samples. This product is too expensive for this kind quality. I will update this posting in a few weeks.

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