My basement walls are 40 year old cinder block. The house had an existing interior perimeter drain which connects to a sump pit. The basement is basically dry and I do not have any history of water problems other than slighly damp areas on the walls. I wanted to finish the basement by just painting the walls so I wire brushed and acid etched the walls and painted them with UGL Latex Drylock. After a short time, efflorescence returned in areas and caused the Drylok to peel. I wire brushed, re-etched, and repainted the problem areas but the efflorescence keeps returning. I followed UGL's recommendation and wire brushed the problem areas and applied a thin coat of Drylok Clear Masonary Sealer and then re-applied 2 coats of the Latex Drylok. Efflorescence still keeps returning in areas. Any suggestions or can anybody recommend another product that they feel will solve my problem.