Back story:
I do a lot of remodels/additions and am looking to speed up the painting process. I bought a cheap wagner painter for $99 that said on the side of the box that it could handle latex paint. Well, it couldn't. It just spit and sputtered and made a big mess, and I had to go back over the walls with a roller and the floors with a mop. I know I can water down the paint to get a better mist, but the whole idea of the getting this thing was to make life easier, so I don't want to be thinning and mixing the paint.
Is there a good power painter that can handle latex right out of the can that won't cost me $500?
What about pneumatic? I have the ubiquitous red Porter Cable pancake compressor - is there a sprayer out there that will run on 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI?
Any other options I haven't even considered?
My goal:
$200 range, short clean up time, capable of handling full viscosity latex.