An attorney is certainly an option but shouldn’t necessarily be the first option.

If you haven’t done so already the first step would be to send a letter to the builder by registered mail with proof of delivery. The letter should be polite – don’t vent your frustrations. Include only the facts of what is wrong with the door. If you can take a picture of the problem (water leaking under the door) then include that, too. Include the steps you have done so far to correct the problem. (Perhaps you have called the builder’s office and left a message with someone and the builder has not gotten the message yet.) The point is this letter should serve as documentation of the problem and documentation that you have given the builder an opportunity to fix the problem. Ask the builder to fix the problem and pick a time frame. Make it reasonable. Even if you’ve already talked to the builder it is important to have this letter as proof that you have given him/her a chance to correct the problem.

If the builder fails to respond to the written letter then your next step would be to contact the people in your state government that license the contractors. I do not know what state you live in but here in Minnesota contractors are licensed and regulated under the Department of Labor and Industry. See the link below for an example of what is available in Minnesota.

If you don’t know which department in your state handles this you could simply call you general state information number and find out. There should be a formal complaint process available to you. Be very professional in you correspondence and communication and stick to the facts.

Give the people in your state’s office a chance to help you solve your problem. Then if that fails you can consider moving on to legal action. But check your contract first. Your contract might specify that you have to resolve disputes by binding arbitration. Either way it would be advisable to at least consult with an attorney.

Let me know what happens. Good luck.