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Thread: Bird in Wall

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    Default Bird in Wall

    My studio (a glorified shed) has these round plugs in the siding where I assume insulation was blown in. A bird has knocked one of them out and I've seen him fly inside, peck at the edge of the hole, and doing god knows what else. It's right by my head (on the other side of the wall), so I'd like to encourage the bird to take his business elsewhere, but I'm worried about doing something that will kill some baby birds or maybe a second adult bird I'm not seeing.

    Any suggestions, and anyone know if it's baby bird season? (Sorry for
    being very bird-ignorant) I could wait a while if it'd likely save a bird.

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    Default Re: Bird in Wall

    Yes, it is nest-building and egg-laying time now, depending on the breed of bird.

    Can you see anything with a flashlight?

    You could put a piece of screen over the hole, stapled down all the way around, but if there's another bird inside or a nest with eggs, that would be the end of them.

    If you can stand it, you can wait and watch to see what kind of bird and read about the nesting and egg-hatching (I don't know how big the holes are.... wrens and finches seem to love little bitty holes), and when you're sure the babies have flown away, put the screen over the hole.

    Or you could just play host to the birdies... probably best that they don't nest in your wall, though, for a multitude of reasons.

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