OK. I have traversed the internet trying to find a solution to this problem, but I can't find anything. Please help before I fall into the fetal position and wet myself.

The wife and I want to build a ground level deck behind our house. The house forms an 'L' shape, with doors on each wall. I nice rectangular deck would fit really nicely between the doors. Here is the hard part: one door is only 3 inches above grade, while the other one is 7 inches high due to the slope of the back yard. I had thought of just doing pavers, but can't due to the height of the taller door. I can't do a deck because of the height of the lower one.

There are a couple of little porches made of wood at each door. They were there when we bought the house, and have remained there since. I peeled off the top of them, and found the beams and joists buried in the ground. They have been there for a long time, but there is no rot that I can find. They have also not heaved at all from frost. (we are in MD)

Can I build a basic ground level deck out of pressure treated lumber, but bury almost all of the structure below grade? How else can I get the top of the decking below 3 inches high?