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    Default brown paper underneath old paint

    I have an older home (built in the 1920s) with plaster walls throughout. While trying to repair some of the walls, I uncovered what appears to be a layer of brown paper beneath several coats of paint. At least a few of the walls and ceilings in the house are completely covered with it, but not every wall or ceiling.

    Does anyone know why this brown paper is there? And what is the best rememdy for it?

    In some cases, I was able to patch and just paint over it, but the paper has created a real mess in the dining room, causing cracks and unevenness in any new paint I apply.

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    Default Re: brown paper underneath old paint

    My guess would be old wall paper that was painted over. Just sand it smoth and patch the area and re-paint. Unless you feel you can sc**** it off.

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