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    Default Half bath wallboard/sheetrock/drywall

    I am redoing our half bath (toilet and sink) and am curious about what drywall I am allowed to use, per code.

    More specifically, I have a ton of regular paper-faced drywall that I'd love to use, but don't want to be in any form of violation by doing so.

    I understand in a typical bath with shower/tub that there are restrictions to use either green board or the new paperless drywall, but I don't know if any of these apply in a half bath. I certainly can't envision enough moisture in there to mandate special wallboard.

    This probably isn't a local issue, but in case it is, I am in Atlanta Georgia.


    J. Walker

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    Default Re: Half bath wallboard/sheetrock/drywall

    In my opinion, the drywall you have should be fine. Since it is only a half bath with a toilet and sink you should have very little moisture.

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    Default Re: Half bath wallboard/sheetrock/drywall

    In a situation like this, we usually just use one sheet of moisture-resistant (green) drywall on the bottom 4' of the wet wall. Everything else just gets regular drywall.


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