I've posted here before and have gotten great info - so i thought i'd try again and explain my situation.

i have a 1885 victorian with an old converted attic. I understand about not insulating the walls and the importance of air flow. But the problem here is that the tiny (3-3.5 foot) attic area hardly has ventilation and it gets stifling hot. i've posted an illustration of my room at: http://www.2twins.net/3floor.html

my roof was recently re-shingled and the roofer put a fan in (not realizing) that it was on the side pitched area in between the joists - but not in the uppermost cavity. Unfortunately, he was off on his measurements - so the majority of hot air is still trapped at the top.

Also, i found access to the very top through a tiny door in the closet ceiling and was able to see that someone had blown in gray loose fill insulation as you can see on my web page.

so here are my questions:
1. should i put in a solar attic fan on the top flat part of my roof to get rid of all the trapped hot air?
2. should i run more insulation (possibly fiberglass bats if i can squeeze up there) the opposite direction of the joists?
3. should i slip the stiff board-like insulation (not sure of the correct term!) down the pitched area of the roof, because there is no insulation in between the joists? (i'd keep the one with the fan clear)
4. and lastly... would putting a radiant barrier (with perforations) on the top attic joists do anything at all - or would it be a waste of $. (i live outside of philadelphia by the way)

i am trying to deal with this issue because i have a home office with 2 computers running up there and it gets unbearably hot!

thanks for any info, ideas, suggestions....