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    Our laundry room is in the basement, directly below the kitchen. Under the laundry tub is a floor drain. When I drain the dishwater from the kitchen sink I have noticed that soapy water comes up from the floor drain downstairs. It usually leaves a puddle of suds maybe 2-3 feet wide. Is this a pipe issue or a vent issue or a floor drain issue? There never seems to be a problem when the washing machine empties into the laundry tub or when the kitchen faucet is on and running just clean water down the drain, only when the sink drains after washing dishes. Any suggestions?

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    What kind of trap do you have on your floor drain. Is it a bell trap. If so it has a clean out, there a hole that looks threaded and half of the drain is the trap side. The clean out (threaded hole) is supposed to have a plug in it.
    Just an educated guess.

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    Do you have a air gap on your diswasher drain line. It typically is on top of your sink. It helps relieve the pressure from the dishwasher pump motor.

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