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    Default Deck peels every year

    We have a cedar deck . I have used Behr Premium Semi-transparent stain 2x now. Every spring the stain is worn off, like paint would peel. We removed the stain and restained the following year. But that is not the case with this past year. It was done early in the summer/late spring. I live in Minnesota and we do have very bad winters and it seems like this stain can not take any snow or ice. My deck looks like the stain had been applied years ago. Should I use special brand of stain or maybe a paint type to prevent this from happening. I know eventually the deck will need restaining but I wouldn't think I should have to do this every year.What Should I do to prepare the surface Help!

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    Default Re: Deck peels every year

    We always use Water Seal before the winter, which lets our deck survive the harsh New York winters. I would also try a different stain, since the one you are using doesnt seem to be working
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