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    Our water source is a deep well, which is over 300' in the ground. We share the well with a small office that contains one 1/2 bath (no tub/shower). Usually, no more then two people are in the office at any one time (no one after 4:30 pm), so they don't use alot of water. We are a family of four, with a small home with two baths, a kitchen, and a 40 gallon hot water heater. Our problem is low water pressure. Many times in the shower if another appliance comes on you cannot even rinse your hair. The pump pressure switch is set at 40psi pump ON and cutoff at 60psi. My first plan is to install a gauge at the inlet of our plumbing, allowing us to monitor actual water pressure to our home. I work at a power plant where many water systems have more then one pump installed in series to provide the necessary pressure for the task at hand. I wondered if that might solve our problem, an additional pump that would step up the pressure to a tolerable level.

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    Although pressure is component it is not the only one. Volume (GMP) output must also be considered. If you have a bladder tank it my be in need of service or my be undersized to supply the demand storage you need.
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