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Repair and maintain your old windows. The efficiency of well maintained old windows with wood storms is as good as any new window. The added benefit is that you or anyone can maintain them. The real problem is air infiltration not radiant loss. Tune your windows up with brass weather stripping, re-glaze them to keep the air movement at a minimum. That is where the real savings will be. Once you replace your window you have charted a path that means when these windows need fixing and they will they will have to be replaced. This is the same for you and any new owner that purchases your house. Permanent replacement windows means you have to keep replacing them permanently.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Original windows can be maintained & kept for as long as the structure lasts.

Vinyl is polluting the air during the manufacture process. They often cannot be repaired, they are expensive & can take over 15 years of energy "savings" (this is assuming the old windows are never maintained) to actually recoup the initial investment.

Replacements NEVER FIT your home the way originals do. They pop in the replacement & seal it with calking & cover up the edges with cheesy trimwork that is totally unlike the originals in your home.

I fixed (and am still fixing) mine....you can too.

Reglaze them...your house will be happier for it. It's been there long before you came along & will be there long after you're gone. Be a caretaker...not a destroyer.

This issue is so much more than an oil bill.