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    Question Refinishing a cedar chest

    I have an old cedar chest that I retrived from my grandfather's house. I'd like to refinish/paint it but I don't know if I can do it myself or not.
    It sat in a part of the house that had a lot of heat and humidity. The shelac(?) or varnish on it has rippled because of it. It suffered a little damage on the corners and it has an awful order on the inside that smells like mothballs. I think its around 40 or 30 years old.
    What should I do to spruce it up? I was thinking about washing it down with Murphy's Oil soap and drying it outside to get rid of the smell but my husband thinks that the wood needs to be shaved.
    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Refinishing a cedar chest

    Would you be able to get a pic up...or find one that looks like it? Thanks!
    New homeowner in need of Hidden Content assistance.

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    Default Re: Refinishing a cedar chest

    This is what I used no smell, little mess no gloves needed. then sand away!!!!

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