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    Default Fix an old stairs

    Hi all, I am a newbie here. I need help and advice of fixing an old stair. My stair is creaky, and the rail sometimes feel somewhat wobbly. It's an old style chair with individual steps not connected.
    I am trying to attach picture of the stair and the problem I mentioned but unfortunately the uploader always says "Not a valid image file."
    Some of the steps are already wobbly and needs to be supported with L brackets underneath. The problem for the side not touching the wall is easier to fix with just a long nail/bolt, but the side touching the wall is harder to fix in my opinion. Is there a better and easier way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Fix an old stairs

    To send pics, upload them onto a host like photobucket, then give us the link.

    I would take a guess here, without even seeing your stairs: you'll be better off and safer too, replacing the entire flight of stairs. Could be more money than you were planning to spend, but since I believe that "safety is job 1", money well spent. The hand rail is another story: with a wobbly hand rail it's not "whether" an accident will happen but "when".

    Nailing and patching won't cut it.

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    Default Re: Fix an old stairs

    I would also suggest replacing it with a new set of stairs. It's safer that way. Besides, if you can have it fixed up, there is still a high chance that you will be dealing with the same problem again.

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    Default Re: Fix an old stairs

    We need pics from several angles to see the stair stringer structure. There's a chance you can reinforce what you have well enough to last, but at some point the extra work makes a wholesale replacement a better idea. The handrail is a separate issue but a must-do-immediately project for safety's sake.


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