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    Default Humidity in Basement

    We have encountered a problem with constant humidity in the basement of our home. Since it is located right on a lake we used the special drywall normally used in bathrooms, however, the moisture still builds up so much that the doors are corroding and the ceiling and floors have water stains. Water can regularly be sopped up with towels. What else can we do? Does a special ventilation system have to be installed?

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    Do you have a good dehumidifier in the basement? My basement does and it is very dry down here. I would try the dehumidifier first before a ventilation system which is more expensive. Good luck,

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    Default Re: Humidity in Basement

    Waterproofing is best done outside the structure and living next to a lake I'd consider it mandatory to use every method there is to reduce the chance of water ingression (waterproofing, piped-off gutters, french drains, lot grading). I'd want a sump pump too, just in case. If there's still a humidity issue which the HVAC system is not handling then I'd go for a dehumidifier. The smaller portable ones do find but require dumping of the collected water which may be forgotten or become a nagging too-frequent chore so I'd choose one that drained itself to the outside or that worked with the existing HVAC system. Just installing a dehumidifier may be enough to mitigate the issues you've seen but it's like adding air to a leaky tire daily when you could repair it and eliminate the problem at it's source instead.


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