I usually keep over in the wood working section of TOH....but this year I need to spend some time on the front yard. It is a mess and I am finding it hard to get my head around the problem. I have started doing some research and have done some preliminary layout work. I will post a bit later once I have something that makes sense. For now...I have some questions regarding drainage. I was planning on putting down some river jack stone up near the house....for about 4 feet. The house has some really nice lower level windows I want to not block with plants. I have been warned that not having plants will lead to erosion problems. Is this true? Right now there is nothing growing there (mostly dirt) and the dirt does not seem to be going away (at least not in a hurry). Will using rocks create some problem I am not seeing at this point?

Also, same person told me to NOT use landscaping fabric (the black cloth-like stuff) under the rocks as that will promote weeds and bugs? Is this true? If it is, what does one use under a bed of rocks?

Thanks for any help.