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    Default Tub drain won't open

    While my wife was cleaning our bath tub, she closed the drain to fill the tub with a little water. When she was done, she went to open the drain but the handle would not budge. Is the plunger stuck? I worked on it for 10 minutes or so and it still would not budge. Lucky for me, I have a shower in another part of the house.

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    Default Re: Tub drain won't open

    What type of drain closer is it? If it is the type that has a lever on the overflow plate that is attached to rods connected to the stopper, and if your water is hard, these can sometimes get stuck because of a buildup of minerals on the fulcrum on the inside of the plate. This type usually has two screws that fasten the plate to the inside of the mechanism. Take off those two screws, then pull the plate out some. Move the rods/plate and see if it will then move the stopper.

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