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    Default Powder room vessel drain

    I've installed a glass bowl type sink with a 1 1/4 bottle trap dumping into a properly vented 1 1/2 line in the wall, and no overflow. It has a dome over the drain for asthetic sake. With the dome in place, the faucet easily out flows the drain. Without the dome,the sink drains faster, but still doesn't drain as fast as I think it should. Is this because of the lack of an overflow or because of the bottle trap? Everything is brand new. I have a similar set up upstairs with an overflow and a bottle trap and this one drains faster than the faucet puts out. Same brand faucet. I'm puzzled, thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Powder room vessel drain

    I actually have a question regarding your glass vessel sinks. How easy are they to keep clean? Water spots, etc.? I am considering putting one in and am worried about the care.

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