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    Post Plaster&lath interior walls Insulate?

    We just bought a 1943 home and the inspecter says that there is no insulation in the exterior walls. The older part of the home is plaster/lath and I would like to know the best way to put insulation in (and what type?) and not have Swiss cheese for walls. We want to keep the plaster/lath walls, so sheetrocking over them is not an option. Any ideas? Can we do it from the outside and not overly damage the wood siding?


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    Default Re: Plaster&lath interior walls Insulate?

    You can do these things from either side. Blown in cellulose insulation or poured in expanding foam insulation.

    Depending on the way your house is sided controls whether you remove pieces first or just drill through the siding.

    FYI blown in is diy but pourable isn't.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: Plaster&lath interior walls Insulate?

    Quote Originally Posted by YukYuk View Post
    If you're on the west of the cascades, I wouldn't suggest blown cellulose for your wall cavities for the structure you described.
    To help the original poster with their dilemma ...... what would you recommend ?

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