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    Lightbulb No direct sun dark room

    Looking for ideas on brightening a living room that faces north. We are going to install french doors but there is no direct sun on this side of house. There is afternoon sun in the yard and rays do hit the back late in the day. Are there any reflective devices that can help? We will be re doing the lighting but would like more natural light.

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    Look into light-tubes, they're like skylights, only much cheaper and easier to install without the drawbacks of a skylight. Google and research the different brands to find the one best suited to you. Here's two brands to get you started, there are several others.

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    Actually north light is preferred by artists for its consistency. Artist studios usually have large clerestory windows to let in lots of light though.
    About all you can do is add more windows or skylights.
    If you have trees on the north that block the view of the sky, removing some would help. If you do add skylights try to splay out the bottom of the shaft if possible to spread more light in the room. A skylight on the north side of the roof will actually let in some direct sunlight too. Of course if their is a story above only extra windows or possibly a light tube can help.

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