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    Angry Maine camp floor too soft

    We recently had the wood floors in our Maine cottage sanded down and refinished. They are believed to be Hemlock and dated from 1936. They are now very soft. The contractor said that he used 3 coats of varnish--can we believe that? They are so soft that the rubber protecters that we put on the legs of the furniture have left ring marks! Will these floors harden over time?

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    Default Re: Maine camp floor too soft

    I don't know if the varnish will harden over time, but, I am wondering why varnish, instead of polyurethane was used. Yes, I can believe that 3 coats of varnish were applied. I am questioning the product used. Until you decide what to do, get some of those very nice felt type gliders for the bottoms of all furniture legs. They are really easy to apply, make the furniture easier to slide, plus put less pressure on the floor.

    Good luck.

    PS. Varnish and poly do not combine, so if changing the finish, the varnish will have to be removed.

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