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    Default granite vs silestone

    I am replacing my countertops and am considering either granite or silestone. The building supply store stated that the cost is about the same but more people are going with the silestone because if you damage it can be repaired. I asked what comments they have had back from customers and said they had a few that were not too happpy when they were told that the only way to fix their damage granite was to replace it and the cost was high.
    Any input. Thank you

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    Default Re: granite vs silestone

    not completely true. not all repairs are expensive for granite. as well as how would it get damaged? maybe a bulldozer running through the house, or somebody taking a frying pan and hitting the edge of the granite as hard as they could. silestone is not as heat resistant as granite. as well as like any man made color, colors go out of style and at some point in time they quit making them. so to simply cut out and repair isn't always an option there either.

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    Default Re: granite vs silestone

    Granite has a broader price range than Silestone. Silestone is priced similar to a mid range granite. There are more color choices with granite. I have seen silestone installed in many home and it looks really great. If you are planning on purchasing higher end granite, then you might as well go with Silestone.
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