I recently got a different air compressor with a bigger motor and compressor unit. When i have it going it will trip the breaker for my garage after a short period of time. The circuit for my garage only has a 15 amp breaker for some reason. On that circuit there is a single plug-in inside the garage, an outdoor plug-in that is in the eve of the house (i recently added it for christmas lights only), the garage door opener, and a single ceiling fan in an adjacent room that had apparently been added later (there is a junction box in the circuit that it's coming off of). From what i could see, it looks like 12 gauge wiring coming off that breaker in the breaker box and to the plug-in inside the garage. On that plug in there is 12 gauge in the push lock ports and 14ga coming off of one of the screws (unsure where it's going). I am judging gauges by the wire size differences. My question is...with what's on the circuit and my issue of the breaker tripping, am i safe to switch the breaker out to a 20amp breaker since i have 12ga wire coming off the panel and to the plug-in i will be using? I feel that it'll be fine but wanted a second or third or fourth opinion.