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    Default replacing sink pop up mechanism

    My bathroom sink pop up mechanism is rotted away internally.
    It is not leaking but needs to be replaced to facilitate proper drain stopper closure.
    Plumbing is clearly not my strong point.
    How do I do this?

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    Default Re: replacing sink pop up mechanism

    Can you post a picture of the sink with an approximate age?
    I suffer from CDO ... Its like OCD, but in alphabetical order, LIKE IT SHOULD BE!!!

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    Default Re: replacing sink pop up mechanism

    If you have some mechanical ability it should not be a very complicated task. I am not a plumber but a electrician. Although I have done this myself. If you go to your home center you can look at the parts and pieces you need for the repair. You might be lucky to find a plumber buying parts for his job. Ask if he is a plumber; if he is one ask him to explain the process. Most tradesman are more then kind in walking you through the repair. They also can suggest the parts to buy. Problems you might incur are rust and an easy hand as to not break the sink.

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