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    Question How to remove wax marking pencil

    Hi, All:

    In the infinite wisdom of the lumber yard and the construction workers who built our house, a rough-hewn hemlock beam was installed with an orange wax pencil marking facing the living area. The mark says "Hancock Lumber", is about 18 inches long and approximately 5 inches wide. It's a real eyesore.

    I've tried dry erasing it, cleaning it off with soapy water, and even tried a "high-tech" wipe that said it would remove anything. In the inconspicuous area I used it on, it removed about 50% of the orange wax, but also 10 years worth of aging on the wood. Now I have a lighter orange in that area and pretty well bleached white wood underneat.

    Any ideas how to get this orange wax mark off without sanding (it's rough-hewn hemlock that needs to match other similar beams in the area)? I also want to try to preserve the aging/coloring on the wood, as it would be hard to replicate if I had to bleach then try to match other abutting wood.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!


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    Default Re: How to remove wax marking pencil

    Here's how I get wax out of clothing and table cloths, I take an iron and brown paper sack and iron the item through the sack. it melts the wax and the sack absorbs it.

    I would tape the sack to the board then you have both hands free to maintain balance and hold the iron.

    What was the installer thinking? you couldn't paint over that either it should have been cleaned before it was installed.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: How to remove wax marking pencil

    You could try wiping the remnants off with either some mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. Either one might require some soaking time as the crayon is likely pretty dried out and hard. Kinda like pre-soaking dishes with hardened food on them.

    A presoak with mineral spirits should be pretty easy to do as the MS won't evaporate all that rapidly. Re-wet the area if necessary.

    Lacquer thinner is more aggressive as solvents go, but also evaporates much more rapidly. I would have both on hand and use them as required.

    You could safely attempt this with either a soft cloth or paper towels....or for a bit more removal power, use a #0000 steel wool pad (the softest/finest made) instead of a cloth/paper towel.

    Any crayon on the surface should remove fairly easily, but you might have to keep the area wet for an extended period to loosen the crayon/color that's deep in the wood fibers, float that to the surface and then blot it up paper towels.

    As much as possible, be patient and let the solvent do the work.

    Good luck. Hopefully this works to remove all the color. If it doesn't, I fear you'll have to do some light sanding.
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    Default Re: How to remove wax marking pencil

    I think you have very big problem because orange color line easily seen by anybody and that is not good for the clean concept of furniture. I think you should use clean petrol to remove it. I am sure you can do this.

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