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    Default Ceiling 7ft / Popcorn Needs updated

    My ceiling is only 7ft high and is popcorn. House is small 960sq ft. Have log siding and green tin roof outside. Oak hardwood floors inside. Living room, kitchen and dining room all in open in one space open. Kithen is defined by light beige ceramic tile. One living room wall is native stone with wood stove and native stone 5 x 4 raised hearth.

    Question is, What type of new ceiling would look best. The popcorn has to go. Since the ceiling is only 7ft high it is hard to guess what type of new ceiling would not look more short. What type would give the illusion of more height?
    Thanks in Advance Constance D

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    Default Re: Ceiling 7ft / Popcorn Needs updated

    I guess you know about popcorn and asbestos. Assuming your popcorn is not that old, (pre 80's), sc**** it off and put something up there that is thin and not showy.

    You will probably have to go over the ceiling joints again. They were often only topcoated once before the popcorn was sprayed on.
    Push on the ceiling here and there and if the nails move, you need to screw the ceiling tight to the joists and then reset the nails deeper with a nail set. Don't do it with a hammer alone.

    Also, it would be good to wash down the ceiling after you get the popcorn off. That white dust on the ceiling will make it very hard for anything like joint mud or texture mud to stick.

    If you want some ideas for texture, I have some photos on my site.
    You have a messy job ahead of you. I'm glad I am not the one to have to get that #*^* popcorn off!

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