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    Default Wrapping green treated posts

    I recently put up 6x6 green treated posts on a front porch. I now need to wrap them with decorative material. This will be painted. I have chosen fingerjointed cedar as my product. I am wondering if this is overkill as it is not cheap. Can I use pine or another product that would be more cost effective?

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    Default Re: Wrapping green treated posts

    You could use a different type of cedar. Exterior 1"x6" and 1"x4" is available. Cedar is best for exterior but people do use pine and cypress. One hint paint the boards before you install them so you get all the edges covered. Some people don't paint the bottom edge and it can wick water from below.

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    Default Re: Wrapping green treated posts

    Poplar is an inexpensive choice also and will last a long time if prperly painted and maintained. It is also bet if the end is not setting directly on the porch but has a little gap.
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