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    Default Re: replacement windows: Anderson vs Marvin vs Pella?

    The thread that refuses to die

    My $0.02 is this- most failed windows I've dealt with were improperly installed, ill maintained, or both. I've seen very few Marvins but I like what I saw. Pella is over-hyped and over-priced. Andersen's do all that Pella does, and other than the above I've never seen one fail. I have seen Pella's fail and I have seen improper factory-trained installs with them. My vote is Andersen but you won't go wrong with the others either.

    Avoid cheaper windows like the plague- they aren't worth the cost savings. Do it once, do it right, take care of them and Andersen's windows will outlast you.


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    Default Re: replacement windows: Anderson vs Marvin vs Pella?

    I have an Anderson Garden window, that was installed in 2000. I found out a few weeks ago that it had been letting water in from the outside. It was seeping in through the seams, which throughout the last years were separating, and the caulk had cracked open. It caused the bottom of the window to rot and it seeped into the molding around the window, causing rot in the sill.
    It was made at Sliverline Windows, Lansing, IL. They are now a subsidiary of Anderson Windows.
    I informed them of the problem and they say they will not honor the Limited Lifetime warranty. They say that it is nothing they could control. So, it is my responsibility to have it replaced.
    As far as I am concerned, a lifetime warranty is just that. Anything goes wrong with the window, they should fix it.? I guess I am wrong.
    I had a carpenter look at it and he told me to have it replaced, that he could not fix it.

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