QUESTION: What steps can I take so that my a/c turns off during the day when temps go above 85 degrees? BKGRD: I've got a 1,400 sq ft top floor condo apt in which I'm having new a/c unit and air handler installed (2 ton air conditioner, 24000 btu air handler - First Co. AquaTherm). It will be 13 SEER. If it's like my current unit, it will run continuously daily when the temps go above 85 degrees, even if I set the programmable thermostat at 74 (any higher and I won't be able to sleep, sorry). I have ceiling fans in the bedroom, loft, and main room on entrance level, that run continuously. Apt faces NNW, has single-pane uninsulated windows facing same, as well as W, and single pane uninsulated skylight windows facing NNW. All the windows are covered. One of your articles linked me to a site wherein I measured ceiling height (avr 12 ft at tallest), selected nearest city, measured walls exterior and interior, measured windows, etc. The resulting calculation was that my home needed 20,400 (+/- 1,000) btu/hour. FOOTNOTE: Similarly, my heating runs endlessly in winter when temps fall below 30 degrees. I live in Rockville, MD, a suburb of Washington, D.C.