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    Default Painting cabinets

    I am preparing to paint my kitchen cabinets. In prep I have read that cleaning with TSP is the way to go BUT in speaking with a tradesperson that does this for a living he is adament that a paint thinner and steel wool is the way to go. he said that TSP is difficult to rinse from the wood and if left on will cause bubbling/cracking and maybe discolouration problems down the road.
    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Default Re: Painting cabinets

    What type of paint is on the original surface, oil or latex base?
    I'm no expert, but I've used TSP on both surfaces and on raw wood with no problems. Follow the directions on the box, rinsing with clean water and allowing the surface to dry throughly is key. I've also used paint thinner and steel wool on oil base surfaces. Both methods worked for me, TSP has less odor.

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