My friend has a septic tank that looks like there are a bunch of roots sticking out of a pipe. He has had some problems off and on with this tank and wants to fix the problem himself this time. He is thinking that he might need to go into the tank to remove some of the roots. While he has had some training in manhole safety for a utility I still worry that he might put himself in some danger. He says the tank is very small I think about four and a half feet deep. This services an old farm house.
My question is this isn't what he is thinking of dangerous? I think it is but don't think I can convince him otherwise. Also it sounds to me anyway that this tank may be undersized for todays needs and probably should be replaced.
My friend said something about some kind of new piping that he might need to replace the old pipes with that would keep the roots from getting in. Any idea of what kind of pipe that is and what it looks like? Also any ideas as to how much the pipes themselves might cost and perhaps sources for where to buy them in the south? Are there any alternatives too other than those new pipes that would be cheaper and work just as well. Thanks for your help!