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    Question Shower Door "Seal"

    Hi all, I am kinda curious, is there any kind of seal for shower doors ?
    Let me explain a little better. I have shower doors I bought under $150.00 @ Menards, I think. Either there or Home Depot, dont matter ! Anyway, the forward door (inside door), @ the shower end, leaks if it is not closed all the way .It goes through the wood and onto my basement floor. I have to be diligent about keeping that door closed and sometimes it just gets left open a bit.
    Is there like a rubber seal I can screw to that door ? Sounds like probably not...

    Rich Kelly

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    Default Re: Shower Door "Seal"

    Rich installed one on a sliding shower door. It slipped on the edge of the door.

    Ask This Old House Episode Season 6 Episode 623

    he new shower door sweep was provided by:

    Banner Glass Shelmar
    187 Water Street
    Wakefield, MA 01880-2527
    Debby in Oklahoma

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