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    Default Clogged Bathroom Sink

    Ok, so I have been having issues with my bathroom sink not draining properly for almost a year. I have had plummers in and it will work fine for about 3 to 5 days. It is completly plugged right now. I have tried an industrial strenght drain cleaner(helped a little but not much), a plunger(clogged it up worse than it was)and I took apart the U-bend plastic pipe(had nothing in it). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Clogged Bathroom Sink

    If the bathroom sink is the only drain at issue, then there could be a problem with the line somewhere between the sink and the point at which it enters the main waste line. Generally with bathroom sinks, however, a hairball collects on the stopper plunger, restricting the flow severely. From under the sink, reach around to the back of the drain neck - the part exiting the bottom of the sink - and unscrew the lever rod nut. Raise the drain stopper a little and grab it with one hand while removing the lever rod with the other. Clean any hair and debris off of the stopper and lever rod. Reinstall the stopper with the stopper eyelet to the back of the drain, and being careful to insert the lever rod into the stopper eyelet.

    If the problem is further down line, then it may be necessary to investigate and possibly replace the section of drain from the sink to the main soil line.

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    Default Re: Clogged Bathroom Sink

    If there's nothing found on the stopper, it's probably time for a snake (if none of the plumbers tried that yet) or a drain jetter.


    Snakes work on some types of clogs and jetters work better on other types/most types. Snakes will often punch a hole thru an oily/greasy clog, but since it's basically just a hole, it will often self-heal in short order. A jetter scrubs and flushes the material out of the pipe.

    Did anyone put paint or drywall compound down this drain during the course of a project? If so, a different cleaning approach will likely be in order.

    Has anyone checked the vent on this sink to make sure it isn't clogged/obstructed?
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