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    Default New Painted Front Porch Pealing

    We built a new house in a farmhouse style. Its about a month old. We wanted the front porch painted gray like we saw in many pictures. Its a very well built custom home but the builder and painter here in Richmond, VA have little experience with painted porches. They used treated tongue and groove wood and have tried a few different types of paints/stains. All has pealed. They even inquired about marine paint but found that it won't work on treated wood. Any suggestions? I think they are at loss for new ideas.

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    Default Re: New Painted Front Porch Pealing

    If by "treated tongue and groove" flooring you mean pressure treated lumber, your problem is very likely high moisture content in the wood. The very process of pressure treating infuses water and chemicals deep into the fibers of the wood. As long as this moisture remains in the wood, nothing will stick to it, however, acrylic paints have a greater ability to let moisture pass through it. You have to let the moisture out of the wood. The paint must come off to accomplish this, either by chemical stripping, sanding or heat stripping. None a task to look forward to. After stripping, let it dry out over the summer.
    Also, is the under side of this porch enclosed? It should be vented to allow ground moisture a way out other then through the wood from the underside.

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    Default Re: New Painted Front Porch Pealing

    ordejen is right. treated lumber is usually very wet. must let dry for at least 60 to 90 days , get a mositure meter and check it out. the builder should have known this about treated lumber as this is a basic thing to learn.

    im a confused though about the stain? stain usually does not peal...

    good luck

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