My husband & I are remodeling a 1950's ranch style home. We are taking the house to the studs and just took off all of the original door knobs, cabinet knobs in the kitchen/bathrooms, and all other knobs in the home (on the entertainment built-ins, etc.) prior to the demo work. These are all original 1950's knobs and are actually pretty nice; however, we are into the modern look so these will not work for us. We have the crystal door-knobs on all doors and **** (very heavy) knobs on all kitchen, bathroom, etc. drawers/cabinets. Does anyone know where I can sell these?? I have never tried to sell anything on eBay, but will do it if there is no where else to take these. They are definitely "nice" and someone could refurbish, so I am sure that there would be some interest somewhere.... Thoughts??