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    Default Garage door hangers

    I'm installing a new garage goor. The tracks end between two trusses. Should I put a piece of wood in between the trusses or use punched angle iron, or any other suggestions.

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    Default Re: Garage door hangers


    Probably both---whatever will give you good firm support for the tracks.

    A stout 2 X 6 can be bolted connecting the two trusses, then the steel angle brackets can be tied to that to connect the tracks to the 2 X 6.

    Make sure you leave enough room for the electric door lifter (if you will use one)---they are always positioned in the same area as the 2 X 6.

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    Default Re: Garage door hangers

    JacktheShack's suggestions are good ones.

    That's how mine end as well .... I just used a single angle bracket ... the key was not to have it too long and to use 2 lag screws into the lumber.

    Hope this helps.
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