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    Default Cabinet Internal Dimensions

    We built a home a few years ago and I was seriously disappointed in the storage space in the kitchen cabinets. The house we owned before had custom built cabinets and the drawers were almost the same size as the drawer fronts and went almost as deep as the cabinet itself. The new ones didn't. I was thinkin' we were getting more storage space (more cabinets overall), but I ended up with less. Just a note of caution. Maybe different manufacturers have different construction parameters. But I'll check next time we buy kitchen cabinets.

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    Default Re: Cabinet Internal Dimensions

    Live and learn.
    Inexpensive cabinet manufacturers skimp on drawer and accessory size to save on materials.
    Always take a tape measure with you when cabinet shopping to compare the drawer sizes.

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    Default Re: Cabinet Internal Dimensions

    A lot of things affect drawer sizes. Frameless "European Style" cabinets allow a wider drawer than traditional face-frame style cabinets. Undermount drawer slides allow wider drawers, but at the cost of drawer height. Side-mount drawer slides reduce the drawer width by 1/2" on each side, but don't limit height. Drawer depth can sometimes be limited by the hardware, but is usually determined by the cabinetmakers themselves, often to conserve materials. (You can get 5 drawer sides & bottoms out 8' stock instead of 4, if you reduce the 23" drawers to 19".) There are a lot of options out there. It pays to shop carefully.


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