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    Default plumbing stack replacement?

    my plumber says I should replace the plumbing stacks in a four-family home that I am totally renovating and replacing all pipes with PVC the house has been unoccupied for at lease 2 years he thinks this has to be done. another plumber thinks not,Cleveland Ohio

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    Default Re: plumbing stack replacement?

    I am just curious. Why do you want to replace it? Is it cast iron? Is it very bad and very old that it does not work anymore?
    Does the water drain well? If it has to do with remodeling, that is a different story. But, are the existing pipes o.k.?I am just curious because I want to replace all the pipes in a rental I have. But, I still do not do it.

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    Default Re: plumbing stack replacement?

    Do yourself a favor, ask your plumber why the stack need replacing...

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