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Thread: noisy sump pump

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    Red face noisy sump pump

    Any suggestions as to how to quiet a sump pump so we can get some sleep? We've had so much rain, l pump goes every minute, the other every 2-3 minutes. Very noisy! We've fastened the discharge pipes securely, tried a rose cone over to deaden sound; nothing helps.
    Built a room around the pump closest to bed rooms, with a door, and sound proofing in ceiling. Still doesn't help. These are pedestal pumps. Submersible goes off even oftener; gave up on that style.
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    Assuming you have already insulated the discharge pipe and made sure that it wasn't vibrating on the wall or any other protrusions, you could use a plastic sump cover and drill holes at various inervals and shoot kwik foam or similar product into the cover in strategic locations to get some extra sound deadening.

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